The overseas travel destination I want to go again is Italy.

The overseas travel destination I want to go again is Italy. It is far from the nearby Korea, Taiwan, etc. and it costs a little budget. Until the end of September the fuel surcharge fee is free so it is quite a chance to travel abroad. It is approximately 12 hours by a direct plane to Italy. It is a long journey, but there are many worth going to do so. Despite the history, it is attracted to Italian townscapes that are currently in progressive form, church ceiling paintings, stained glasses, sculptures, paintings, and such cultural things as well as shopping for clothes, shoes, bags I can enjoy it. The food is also delicious. In northern Italy and southern Italy the food culture is actually slightly different, but pasta and pizza which used so many tomatoes and olives in southern Italy were very delicious. Personally, I can not forget the taste of panini which I sell on the street corner. I think that it is a country that is familiar to me as much as it seems like it was not able to be enjoyed at one time because it has too many points to enjoy, so I definitely want to go again.

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